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Cops: Violent Gang Broken Apart



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    Police confiscated more than a dozen guns and a lot of drugs including 17 pounds of cocaine.

    Nearly 100 people have been arrested in an undercover operation, called "Operation Red Sky,” which targeted a violent gang that operated in the Skyline area, according to police.

    "We're targeting people responsible for murders, robberies, pimping, narcotics violations and selling firearms," Capt. Jim Collins said.

    More than half of the 93 people arrested are documented gang members, police said. One of the suspects had also been connected to a double murder outside Dr. J's Liquor Store in Southeast San Diego in 2003.  Two women were shot and killed and a seven-year-old boy was wounded during a shoot out between two rival gangs.

    "We've seen a 40 percent reduction in gang related homicides in the city of San Diego," Chief William Lansdowne said.  "Not only are we going after gangs and people most responsible for violence, we're also going to make sure people don't get into gangs."

    Some of the people arrested included two men who were seen leaving Little Buckaroos Daycare in San Ysidro. Investigators said the suspects were involved in guns and drugs.

    Police closed the daycare, which is run out of a mobile home, but the owner has now reopened it.  She said that her brother is one of the suspects, but he didn't live with her and had nothing to do with the daycare.

    Detectives said they found ammunition inside the home.

    Two workers were also arrested at Bambino's Pizzaria and Deli in Spring Valley. Investigators said the workers were selling drugs to gang members.

    An attorney for the owner said the workers are also members of the owner's family.  He said the two workers were sorry for what happened.

    "They've both taken full responsibility for their actions, at no time did Bambino's Pizza know what was going on," attorney Steve Mitchell said.