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Evacuations Ordered for Flooded Homes



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    Days before Christmas, about 20 people have been forced out of their homes by flooding. One firefighter said he hasn't seen it this bad in a decade.

    San Diego police evacuated 10 to 12 homes in Shelltown. The homes, located near Cottonwood and Yama Streets, have at least three feet of standing water inside, officers said.

    Some families left carrying only plastic bags full of clothes, their birth certificates and diapers.

    Cars are flooded and stranded on the street.

    Most of those evacuated will relocate to family members' houses, some are going to hotels.

    One mother of four standing on a nearby street corner with literally nowhere to go.

    To the north, at 33rd and Webster, San Diego police and firefighters responded to the report of three homes flooded near a canal where the water is over capacity.

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