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Cops Bust Meth Operation at "Party House"

Police serving a search warrant discovered what they called a huge amount of methamphetamine



    Cops Bust Meth Operation at "Party House"

    San Diego police busted up an illegal drug operation, detaining 16 people Wednesday.

    One neighbor referred to the target of the police SWAT as a known “party house” in the Cherokee Point neighborhood near Interstates 805 and 15.

    The house is located on the edge of North Park and City Heights.

    San Diego police were serving a search warrant when they discovered what they called a huge amount of methamphetamine. SDPD Lt. Andra Brown later confirmed more than one pound of meth was found inside the home.

    San Diego police Lt. Kevin Hubbs said officers got a large amount of meth off the streets with just the one bust.

    "We actually had 10 people in custody prior to coming to the house and at the property we have four people that we are detaining that were inside and two people that were outside," Hubbs said.

    Lt. Brown said 13 people were arrested in total, and three were detained, questioned and then released from police custody.

    Linus Harth, who lives two doors down, said he has seen clusters of people coming and going describing the house as one that's rented like an open-door hotel.

    "I've dealt with the cluster of people coming and going down here, which everyone in this area is familiar with who lives here and who doesn't,” Harth said. “Occasionally that has meant we've come down to the mailbox and have to deal with strangers with hostile looks."

    Investigators say were in the middle of clearing the residence when officers noticed a suspicious device resembling a pipe bomb.

    The device was determined to be one used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

    In addition to the meth, Lt. Brown said two stolen vehicles were recovered from the house, one trailer and a motorcycle.