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Ex-Cop Wanted Victim's Panties: Court Docs

Documents show the alleged perverted behavior of this 18-year veteran cop could go back as far as 15 years



    Ex-Cop Wanted Victim's Panties: Court Docs
    Cynthia Faram

    NBCSanDiego has obtained court documents that reveal disturbing details of the case levied against a former San Diego police officer accused of falsely imprisoning women and then sexually assaulting them under the color of authority.

    Inside a search warrant and an affidavit, investigators accuse Anthony Arevalos of brokering deals with female drivers during traffic stops and asking for their panties in exchange for not citing them or, in one case, asking to see proof a woman’s pubic hair was manicured.

    Arevalos, 40, faces 18 felony counts including false imprisonment, assault under the color of authority, sexual battery by restraint and receiving a bribe in connection with five separate traffic stops between 2009 and 2011.

    Among the allegations, that Arevalos inappropriately touched women against their will, photographed them, kept their personal information and contacted them after the assaults to remind them he could still file the paperwork.

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    Arevalos was arrested March 11 after an incident in the Gaslamp involving a DUI stop on a 31-year-old woman.

    When the woman registered above .08 percent on a breathalyzer, Arevalos asked her what she could offer him in exchange for making the charges go away, prosecutors claim.

    Soon after, investigators released his photo asking for other potential victims to come forward.
    In the court documents released Thursday, investigators detail other incidents.

    Among the more serious incidents was one in February 2010 where a woman claimed Arevalos assaulted her in the back seat of patrol car. According to court documents, the woman filed a complaint with the San Diego police but the case was not issued for prosecution by the District Attorney’s office.

    On March 8, Arevalos allegedly told a female driver that in exchange for her panties, he would let her go without arrest even though she had tested over the legal limit for driving under the influence.

    The driver agreed, following the officer into a 7-11 bathroom where Arevalos allegedly had the woman expose her breasts and undress. Investigators claim Arevalos then wrapped one arm around her shoulders and rubbed her bare private parts with his hand for several seconds.

    Investigators said they supervised phone calls between the victim and Arevalos the next day in which the victim told the officer that she was intimidated because she was naked and he was a cop.

    According to court documents, Arevalos told the woman, “I know that. You’re a grown woman, you handled it very well.”

    Then, investigators claim, Arevalos also said, “You know what I like the best? When the shirt came up and the pants went down, I didn’t expect your body to be as nice and wonderful as it was.”

    On January 10, 2010 Officer Arevalos stopped a woman for suspected DUI. While trying to cuff the woman, investigators allege Arevalos slipped his hand in to her pants under her thong and her butt crevice and said, “Easy, you’re in good hands now.”

    The woman told investigators that when Arevalos put his hand on her breast, she thought it was an accident until he did it again as he moved her from the patrol car into police headquarters to take a breathalyzer test, court documents allege.

    The woman blew a .12/.13 in the test, investigators said.

    While Arevalos moved the woman to the Las Colinas detention center, he allegedly told her she could make it all go away if he could see her naked in just her high heels.

    Among the items of evidence seized as a result of the search warrant were Arevalos’ personal phone and personal computer along with photographs of the officer with any woman that may help identify potential victims.

    Detectives reported finding two pairs of panties in Arevalos locker that he claimed belong to his girlfriend. After comparing the girlfriend’s DNA, investigators said they found a positive match on one but the DNA on the second set of panties was unknown.

    Investigators report finding eight incidents since Jan. 9, 2010 where Arevalos stopped women and had them perform a field breath test but no reports were submitted.

    In the court documents, investigators said they were contacted by an unidentified source that said Arevalos was known to keep a photo album of images. The source said he could remember seeing images of Arevalos on duty and in police uniform approximately 15 years ago.

    The 18-year veteran of the department was suspended without pay after his arrest and relieved of his badge and firearm. After he was officially charged in the case, he was terminated from the department.

    Arevalos faces up to 16 years in prison if he is convicted of all charges. He is currently out on bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 6.

    Read the court documents here.