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Conservatives Rally in Downtown San Diego



    Conservatives Rally in Downtown San Diego
    Protesters rallying in downtown San Diego

    A group of several hundred people were in downtown San Diego Saturday, protesting President Barack Obama, many of his policies and what they perceive as a bias by the media.

    The protest began early in the afternoon along Broadway. The crowd of protesters chanted such slogans as "No, You Can't" (playing off Obama's campaign slogan "Yes, We Can"); "You Lie," referencing an incident earlier this week when U.S. congressional Rep. Joe Wilson yelled out the statement during Obama's address to Congress; and "U.S.A." Many people in the crowd carried signs protesting universal health care and other issues, the signs saying, among other things, “Next Time Read the Bill,” "Free the Press/Report the Truth" and “More God and Less Government.”

    Crowds cheered throughout the afternoon as trucks drove up Broadway honking in support of the protesters. By 5:45 p.m., however, most of those at the rally had left the scene.

    Elsewhere around the county, "tea party" tax protests were held, including one in El Cajon that was hosted by the Republican Party of San Diego County. Organizers said that close to 1,000 people were in attendance at that event.