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Company Removes Boulder from Poway Home

Boulder crashed into a Poway home last week



    Company Removes Boulder from Poway Home
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    Crews offer to remove a boulder that had crashed into a Poway woman's garage.

    A Fallbrook construction company removed a six-ton boulder from the garage of a Poway woman without charge Tuesday.

    The six foot-wide boulder landed in JeNielle Rose-Gendelman's garage Thursday morning.

    Rose-Gendelman grew up in the 54-year-old home that her father built, and was concerned her insurance would not cover the boulder's removal.

    When Mike McLeod, with Southwest Boulder & Stone in Fallbrook, heard about her story he decided to remove the giant boulder for free.

    "It's a routine job for us," said McLeod.

    McLeod's team brought in a specialized crane truck with the words "Bigger, Better, Boulder" emblazoned on the side.

    The truck and crew swooped down with a giant "hand-like device" and simply picked up the rock.

    Crews Remove Runaway Boulder

    [DGO] Crews Remove Runaway Boulder
    Crews remove a massive boulder from a Poway woman's garage. The huge stone rolled into the structure during last week's storms. NBC 7's Chris Chan reports.
    (Published Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2012)

    They offered to put the boulder somewhere in her yard, but Rose-Gendelman said she didn't want to see it again.

    The crew said they'll take it back to the company yard. They might even attach a sign "As Seen on TV."