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Coast Guard Stops $7M Cocaine Shipment



    Coast Guard Stops $7M Cocaine Shipment
    EASTERN PACIFIC OCEAN - Cocaine interdicted by a Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment and the USS Curts is shown after being recovered, Oct. 7. The 627 pounds of cocaine recovered stripped approximately $7-million in revenue from a drug trafficking organization. The Coast Guard boarding team also detained sixteen suspected smugglers. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

    More than $7 million in cocaine was intercepted off the coast of Ecuador by a San Diego-based team of Coast Guard and Navy personnel.

    A fishing vessel carrying about 627 pounds of cocaine was spotted in the Eastern Pacific Ocean on October 6.

    The Coast Guard's law enforcement detachment and the crew of the USS Curts stopped the vessel, which was towing five panga boats.

    When the crew on the fishing vessel saw the Navy's helicopter, they began jettisoning bales off the side of the panga boats. The bales were later recovered and tested positive for cocaine.

    Sixteen suspected smugglers were detained following the interception.