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Climax in "Love Doll" Court Battle

Matt McMullen, the owner of Abyss Creations is involved in a legal fight with a former colleague who is now making his own brand of sex dolls.



    Climax in "Love Doll" Court Battle
    Jamie Scott Lytle/North County Times
    One of the life-size sex dolls produced by Knighthorse LLC, a start-up company in Valley Center that is embroiled in a legal dispute with Abyss Creations of San Marcos.

    Two North County businessmen battled in court over the naughty business of high-end sex dolls. In the end, he who was here first wins.

    Matt McMullen is the owner and fonder of Abyss Creations which has its headquarters in San Marcos.Matt Krivicke creates “Lovable Dolls” from his workspace in Valley Center.

    Abyss' dolls were billed as the "world's finest" anatomically correct love dolls, according to the North County Times.

    Krivicke essentially ran Abyss for two years then sued last August claiming that he should have reaped more the profits. McMullen counter-sued saying Krivicke took trade secrets while he was working for Abyss.

    Sex, Money and Betrayal

    [DGO] Sex, Money and Betrayal
    Two former partners fight over a share of the life-size love doll market.
    (Published Wednesday, April 14, 2010)

    In a verdict announced Wednesday, McMullen, the owner/creator of RealDolls, will receive nearly $300,000 from his former employee. Jurors found that Krivicke broke his contract with Abyss and used material he took from that business to start his own.

    Outside court, the two men exchanged words according to our media partner the North County Times. Krivicke confronted McMullen saying "I tried to save your company and I think you know I did a good job."

    "I hope you feel good with what you won here," Krivicke said.

    "Nobody won here, the lawyers won," McMullen replied.

    Read more about the jurors reaction to the life-sized sex toys in the deliberations room in the full article in the North County Times.