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Chula Vista Woman Suffers 'Terrible' Injuries After Attack



    Family members of a Chula Vista woman whose brutal beating was caught on surveillance cameras spoke exclusively to NBC 7 San Diego.

    “Germaine is a very friendly, loving person,” said the victim’s sister April. “She always has been.”

    April doesn't want us to reveal her last name because she is afraid the strangers who savagely attacked her sister Germaine Brown, 57, would somehow find her and do the same thing.

    She said her sister’s injuries are extensive.

    Woman Beaten in Unprovoked Attack

    [DGO] Woman Beaten in Unprovoked Attack
    Family members of Germaine Brown, a South Bay woman who was brutally attacked by three strangers, talk with NBC 7's Tony Shin in this exclusive report.
    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012)

    “Her ribs are broken, her jaw is broken in several places, teeth broken, her jaw is wired shut, it’s terrible,”April said.

    Surveillance cameras show Germaine holding a flashlight while standing on the corner of Davidson and Broadway early Thursday morning.

    A man walks up and the two appear to argue then another man arrives and both men attack her.

    “I mean all it took was that first man to punch her all the way across the street and she was unconscious,” April said.

    The two men ran to a nearby silver Mitsubishi Gallant and drove off. But they came back about a minute later and three got out and continued the beating.

    “Why did they have to come back and beat while she was already unconscious, I don’t understand that kind of mentality,” April said.

    Family members are asking the public for helping in identifying the three men.

    “I want those men found,”April said.

    Chula Vista Police say the attack was unprovoked . Investigators are asking anyone with information about the three men to call police or San Diego County Crimestoppers.