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Chula Vista Training Center to Assess Athletes

The Chula Vista Olympic Training Center will review the performance of athletes who train there



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    Team USA
    The Chula Vista Olympic Training Center is where dozens of athletes train.

    The Chula Vista Olympic Training Center plans to review the performance of athletes that train at the facility to see how performance can be improved.

    Of 80 athletes playing in team and individual sports, 13 brought home medals. Of the total 29 Olympic events in which athletes who trained at the center competed, they medaled in four.

    For some like top-ranked archer Brady Ellison, expectations were high. Ellison did not medal in the individual event but won a team silver medal.

    Others were not expected to medal as they may not have been considered the best in their sports.

    The training center's director Tracy Lamb said the mission is not just about getting to the podium.

    "It's really tricky to say, what's our total medal count at the Olympic training center," said Lamb. "I think it's more you're looking for 'How many people can we help get to the games?' and 'What's our next step?', 'How many more can we help get to Rio?'"

    Lamb said staff will Analiese the performance of many of the athletes. But funds to help them are limited.

    "The U.S. Olympic Committee is a not-for-profit organization unlike all these other countries that have government funding," he said. "We rely on corporate and private America. Our dollars and how we use our dollars have to be very focused."

    Lamb said Great Britain had great success in the games partly due to their high level of spending, four times the amount spent compared to the United States per athlete.

    At its most basic function, the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center provides facilities for elite athletes to train. 

    U.S. Paralympics Cathy Sellers coach said training venues are becoming harder to find.

    "Universities are cutting their programs if you're not a student because of the liability issues," she said.

    Lamb also said being the best in America and making it to the London games was already a great achievement. 

    "But I look at all our athletes, whether they had success as far as bringing home a medal or they just went there," he said. "They were successful."


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