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Chula Vista Eyesore Plucked From Landscape

SDG&E helicopters remove transmission towers.



    It's long been an eyesore for people who live in Chula Vista, but finally a key part of the South Bay Power Plant is gone.

    SDG&E used its helicopter to start removing 23 steel transmission towers on Friday. The state's energy officials sent a letter to the company that leases and operates the plant in October and said the plant's permission to operate two of its four generators would end Dec. 31. They've been part of the skyline for nearly 50 years.

    At one time, the Chargers were considering building a new stadium there. Gaylord Entertainment had also planned a waterfront convention center complex in Chula Vista, but the project died a year ago.

    Now that they're being pulled out, Chula Vista can move forward with plans to redevelop the bay front.  

    Chula Vista Power Plant Dismantled

    [DGO] Chula Vista Power Plant Dismantled
    A helicopter takes away huge chunks of the tower.
    (Published Saturday, Nov. 21, 2009)