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Chilly? Warm Weather on the Way

Warm weather is coming



    When you woke up this morning did you have to scrape the ice off your car?

    Locals following NBCSanDiego on Facebook offered some interesting ideas when asked "You know it's cold in San Diego when..."

    Lisa Marie Brinker posted "Your toes turn blue in your flip flops."

    "We actually wear socks!" commented Samantha Hartley.

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    Another fashion sign it's winter in San Diego, "People are actually wearing sweaters," posted Candy Cisneros.

    Well this weekend the temperatures were well below normal, but starting Monday a mild Santa Ana is on its way.

    We won't be warming up too much today, but we will make it to the mid-60's by this afternoon in the central and inland areas. The mountains will only warm up to the mid-30's to mid-40's.

    The Santa Ana means Winds could gust up to 40 miles per hour in the mountains. It could be slightly breezy in the inland areas and down by the water.

    On Tuesday and Wednesday, it will get a bit warmer somewhere in the 70's. On Thursday, the clouds will reappear and by Friday so will the cooler temperatures.

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