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Pet Chihuahua Killed in Home Burglary

The dog's family believes their pet died protecting their home from burglars



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    Zoe Ketcham
    Peanut the Chihuahua was killed by burglars at a home in Escondido Tuesday.

    A home in the 1900 block of Summit Ridge Drive in Escondido was burglarized Monday and the family’s pet Chihuahua, Peanut, was killed by the suspects.

    According to police, the homeowners’ dog was killed during the course of the daytime burglary. The suspects stole two safes, electronic items, jewelry and collector’s guns from the home.

    Peanut’s owner, Zoe Ketcham, belives her dog was killed while trying to protect the house from the burglars. Ketcham has had Peanut since he was a puppy. He was 14 years old.

    “I think he fought his heart out. He was very protective of me. I'm not surprised he fought,” said Ketcham.

    Ketcham discovered her home had been burglarized Monday after finding her door open and home torn apart. The suspects entered through a window in the back, shooting out the latch using a BB gun.

    Deputies arrived at the home after finding the two stolen safes and tracing them back to Ketcham’s address. Investigators walked through the house with Ketcham and found the dead Chihuahua. The family’s other dog was locked in one of the bedrooms, still alive.

    Police believe this residential burglary could be linked to a string of other recent burglaries in Escondido. Deputies say the suspects face an additional charge for animal cruelty.

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