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Chelsea King, Chelsea's Light and Facebook



    Chelsea King, Chelsea's Light and Facebook

    Social media played a big part in the Chelsea King case.

    A Facebook page served as an outlet for friends and family to grieve. It was also crucial in coordinating searches early on and then the memorial, where thousands of people gathered to remember Chelsea King, the Poway teen who was murdered by John Gardner at Rancho Bernardo Community Park on Feb. 25.

    Now the Chelsea's Light Facebook page has a new purpose, and the people behind it are remarkably devoted. Although Deidre Mikkleson is a busy mother of two, she signs into Facebook every day for  for two hours -- from 2-4 p.m. and acts as an administrator for the Chelsea's Light page.

    "It's for Brent and Kelly and Chelsea and Tyler, for the very most part," Mikkleson said.

    Chelsea King, Chelsea's Light and Facebook

    [DGO] Chelsea King, Chelsea's Light and Facebook
    Social media played a big part in the Chelsea King case.
    (Published Thursday, May 13, 2010)

    The Kings are close family friends of Mikkleson's. Deidre is just one of eight volunteers who monitors the Chelsea's Light page to delete unrelated and unkind postings.

    "People who are saying things that aren't supportive and uplifting -- I have to say, we're a little bit ruthless," Mikkleson said.

    Fans far outnumber misfits, though, and they come from all over the world.

    "We've had posts from New Zealand, from London, Australia, from Canada," Mikkleson said.

    By Thursday, 85,643 people had signed up for the page. Visitors can view photos of Chelsea and pictures of the many public gatherings since her death. The page also links to YouTube videos. One -- with Brent and Kelly King -- clearly explains the proposed Chelsea's Law, and the proposed handling of sexual offenders

    "She wants us to use the platform that we've been thrust onto to make the changes we need to make to protect the kids," Brent said on one of the clips. "If we didn't do that, we wouldn't be honoring our daughter."

    The page also welcomes discussion frequently calls for action.

    "If we need a group of volunteers to support us at the capital, we've got a connection," Mikkleson said. "All we need to do is put it out on Facebook and it happens."

    Deidre said she still cries every day for Chelsea and that somehow, a shift on Facebook helps.

    "Channeling that to something that's positive takes a little bit of that hole that's been left in your heart and fills it just a little bit," Mikkleson said.