Chargers Have 4 Kickoffs Moved Back - NBC 7 San Diego

Chargers Have 4 Kickoffs Moved Back

NFL Grants TV's Wishes For Later Starts



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    The NFL makes a lot of money from TV networks that pay for the right to broadcast football games. So it makes sense that, every now and then, the league should lob the broadcasters a bone.

    When a network has a doubleheader, rules mandate they switch to the late game in local markets, even if the previous game hasn't finished. Over the last three years, 44 games were left in progress.

    If FOX and CBS could have gotten just 10 more minutes, they'd have cut that number to a mere 15 games.

    So, the NFL is granting the networks that extra 10 minutes. Game on the back ends of doubleheaders will start at 1:25 San Diego time instead of 1:15.

    The change will affect 4 Chargers games in 2012. The home opener against Tennessee on September 16, the road game against Denver on November 18, and home games against Cincinnati on December 2 and Oakland on December 30.

    Every NFL team will be affected by the new rule.