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Cat Cheats Death By a Whisker



    Cat Cheats Death By a Whisker
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    This isn't the cat, but this one looks like it might have just cheated death.

    A North County woman fleeing a fire only had time to rescue one of her two cats, according to a published report.

    A fire crew arrived quickly, however, and found the lady's missing cat, reported the North County Times. One of the firefighters brought the unconscious animal outside and was able to use a mask to revive the oxygen-starved cat.

    The tale begins in Oceanside on Thursday shortly before 3 p.m. in the Oceana area. According to firefighters, the woman who lives in the home was cooking with oil, which apparently overheated and ignited while the resident was out of the room.

    The kitchen fire forced the woman out of the house, and upon leaving, she was only able to find one of her felines, which she brought outside with her.

    Firefighters responded quickly to blaze, containing the flames in the kitchen, but other parts of the house were damaged by the intense heat and its contents sustained smoke damage, authorities said.

    Both cats were taken to a veterinarian to be checked out, according to fire officials, and paramedics treated the woman outside her home.

    There's no word on how many lives the cat has left, but it has to be less than nine.

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