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Carnival Passenger Has More Bad Luck

Elaine Radcliffe is really ready to go home



    Carnival Passenger Has More Bad Luck
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    When it rains, it pours. A passenger on the Carnival Splendor cruise that was stranded at sea for four days couldn’t believe her bad luck when she woke up in a San Diego hotel room to no power.

    “Twice in one week! I can’t believe it. No lights,” said Elaine Radcliffe.

    The downtown Westin lost power at 3 a.m. Sunday. The lights were back on by 9.15 a.m.

    “Breakfast this morning was just like on the boat. Fruit and dry bread,” she said. “Finally they were able to do coffee. But still. I couldn’t believe twice in a week.”

    She says she doesn’t blame the Westin for the power outage, but is ready to return to Illinois.

    “I just want to go home,” Radcliffe. “I just want to go home.”

    The home she wants to return to is an apartment she moved into after losing her house.

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    “We lost our home to a rainstorm. We lost our home last year. They tore it down last November,” Radcliffe said.

    And that’s not all she’s dealing with.

    “My husband’s having knee surgery next month so he’ll be off for about three months,” Radcliffe said.

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    The Carnival Splendor was supposed to be just the ticket to get away.

    “We really needed something to make us feel better and this happens,” Radcliffe said.

    She says the smell onboard was unbearable after passengers lost use of their toilets.

    “It was getting bad by the last day. We finally got where we could get off, get away from the smell and just take a good hot shower. That’s what we wanted and some hot food,” Radcliffe said.

    She praised the crew onboard the Carnival.

    “They did the best they could. They made a lot of sandwiches. I don’t want to look at bread for a very long time,” Radcliffe said. “The crew was great. It was just hard.”

    As she tries to put this nightmare trip behind her, Radcliffe is hoping for one thing to go right. Her husband’s surgery.

    “I’m just praying to God that that goes okay,” she said.