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Caretaker Arrested in Deadly Elderly Abuse Case



    Caretaker Arrested in Deadly Elderly Abuse Case

    Police say a caretaker has been arrested on suspicion of elder abuse after the body of her 83-year-old patient was found dead in her San Diego home.

    Police say a relative from Napa called San Diego police Thursday and asked someone to check on the woman. The relative suspected the woman might be a victim of elder neglect and abuse.

    Officers found the woman, known as Charmain by her friends and neighbors yesterday inside her Palm City home in the 22-hundred block of Citrus Avenue.

    A neighbor said the woman kept to herself, but was a very active person, until about four months ago when an unknown woman moved in with her.

    "Normally we can see her go back and forth here, to the store, the restaurant, drive her car, but the last two months - completely different," said her neighbor Juan Rodriguez.

    When officers received no response at the woman's home, they entered the residence and found the woman dead in the bathroom. Police say signs of trauma were evident.

    Detectives found the caregiver, identified as 70-year-old Maria Moore, in a house next door. She was questioned and taken into custody.

    The cause of death for the 83-year-old woman is pending.