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Point Loma House Struck by Car for the 2nd Time in a Year, Family Says

Family is planning to move after the car crashed into teen's bedroom



    Car Crashes Into Point Loma Home

    NBC 7's Nicole Gomez heard from a family who says they are moving after a car crashed into the guardrail in front of their Point Loma home. (Published Friday, Oct. 11, 2019)

    A driver crashed into a Point Loma family’s home early Friday morning. It’s the second time this family’s home has been hit by a car in the last year.

    “It was a huge crash. It was loud. I’ve lived through a lot of things. I’m 63-years-old. I’ve lived through earthquakes; there was an explosion in an apartment complex that I lived through in Las Vegas. This was loud,” said Georgia Martin.

    Martin is visiting her daughter and grandchildren from Orange County. She says when she heard the sound she immediately knew that a car had crashed into the house.

    “Louder than anything else I’ve ever heard before, followed by screams -- because my granddaughter screamed -- because it ran into her bedroom. Then my daughter screamed because my granddaughter screamed," Martin added. 

    Luckily, Martin’s granddaughter was not injured. The driver took down a guardrail from the street and then created a small hole in the 15-year-old's bedroom.

    “My granddaughter is so upset. She couldn’t stop crying,” said Martin.

    The crash happened just after 3 a.m. at the corner of Nimitz Boulevard and Evergreen Street.

    San Diego police said an elderly woman was driving fast and lost control, hitting a guardrail and then crashing into the home. The driver was taken to the hospital. Police said she was talking and conscious. 

    This Point Loma family isn’t the only victim to these types of crashes.

    Their neighbor had a car crash into their home two years ago.

    When NBC 7 covered that story, a property manager said the home had been hit four times by a car.

    Georgia Martin says her family is making plans to move.

    “This is the second time a car has run into this house since they’ve lived here and they have barely lived here a year. So, we’re moving out,” said Martin.