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Canceled Church Services a "Blessing"

Solana Beach Presbyterian Church Cancels Sunday Services, Urges Members to Serve



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    The pews were empty, the choir was silent, and church was canceled at Solana Beach Presbyterian on Sunday. What's more - members called it a good thing.

    Instead of holding their usual services, the church opted for its second annual Community Serve Day.

    Roughly 3,000 people spent the day painting homes, cleaning sidewalks, helping the homeless and putting together care packages for the military on Sunday, according to Solana Beach Presbyterian Senior Pastor Mike McClenahan. 

    "I think churches would be a lot more alive -- and I think people would be a lot more interested in being part of a church -- if they knew churches weren't for themselves but for the community" McClenahan said.

    The church's congregation was aided by other members of the community who simply wanted to help their fellow San Diegans and saw this as a good opportunity.

    "My kids are getting older -- they're not little anymore -- they should understand it's nice to help people," said Tatiana Trigo, who traveled down from Temecula for the day. "It's not all about you.

    The church spread out across 123 locations in the county to serve their community with members urged to put their talents to work.  From photographers taking portraits of homeless families in shelters to young kids writing notes to the troops overseas, it was a day of outward thinking, according McClenahan.  

    "People need to know that the only way to be truly happy is to think about others and be part of something bigger than themselves," he said.