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Cameras Installed Atop Cops’ Helmets

Coronado police will have a more transparent force



    The Coronado Police Department is one of the first agencies in the nation to invest in a new high tech tool they hope will help prevent crime in San Diego.

    It's called "Taser Axon," providing real-time audio and videos of incidents to law enforcement officers through a cloud storage system.

    The Taser Axon is currently being used by motorcycle officers, as well as patrol and traffic units.

    One officer spoke more about how the product helps the department.

    “I think it adds transparency to our environment,” said Officer Jim Dunphey. “Cameras are a big deal these days. Everyone has a cell phone with a camera on it. We get to basically document exactly what happened in a particular event."

    The installation of the new cameras comes in light of allegations of excessive police force at UC Davis and Occupy Wall Street protests around the country.

    A spokesperson for the AXON system says the product will help officers who face false allegations by showing administrators and jurors' exactly' what they saw.