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California is Gaining Clout in Congress



    California is Gaining Clout in Congress
    Many lawmakers are in key positions to act on environmental and other measures that could benefit the state, including a San Diego Republican.

    Lawmakers from one of the nation's bluest states are looking to gain more than just respect. They expect to wield more political clout as well, the Los Angeles Times reported.

    Not only will House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco preside over a bigger Democratic majority with a friendlier president, but Californians will chair four House committees, more than any other state.

    With California's Barbara Boxer chairing the Senate Environment Committee, the state's lawmakers also will be at the forefront of shaping environmental legislation. California Democrats also plan to renew the drive to expand a children's health insurance program, an expansion that Bush vetoed, the paper reported.

    Rep. Bob Filner of Chula Vista will continue to chair the veterans affairs committee.

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