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Cab Driver in Court, But Not for Stingaree Crash



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    Sam Hassan Daly (legal name). He's been licensed as a taxi driver since 12/1/03. He currently has an active license to drive for Emerald Cab. Term of license is 4-26-10 to 4-26-11.

    The taxi driver who crashed into a crowd of people outside a popular nightclub was in court on Tuesday. But it wasn't for that incident.

    Sam Hassan Daly pleaded guilty to two minor traffic violations in traffic court. He was sentenced to 44 hours of community service, instead of paying a fine.

    Last month, Daly said he fell asleep or blacked out before plowing into a crowd in front of Stingaree on Feb. 12. More than 30 people were hurt, including one woman whose leg was crushed.

    Daly says he doesn't remember anything in the seconds leading up to the crash.

    Cab Driver Recounts Stingaree Crash

    [DGO] Cab Driver Recounts Stingaree Crash
    Sam Daly sits down and goes over the moments before the crash on Feb. 12 that injured more than 30 people and nearly severed one woman's leg.
    (Published Tuesday, March 1, 2011)

    "I was going down Sixth Avenue to Stingaree," said Daly in an earlier interview.  "I don't remember anything else."

    His taxi ended up crashing into dozens of people who had just left the Gaslamp nightclub just before 2 a.m. 

    Daly says he suffers from anxiety and depression but he doesn't believe the medication he takes played a role in the crash.