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Bringing Cutting-Edge Science into Classrooms

"Tech-sites" bridge the technology gap



    Bringing Cutting-Edge Science into Classrooms

    A new outreach program is making cutting-edge science affordable for low-income high school students in San Diego.  

    They're called tech sites and Castle Park High School in Chula Vista has one of these classrooms.  The room is set up to simulate a biotechnology company. 

    Students learn how to apply business skills to their science education.  Congressman Bob Filner was so impressed he visited students and worked with them on their lab kits Tuesday.

    "At this level, science is always a strange thing," said Filner. "Kids don't like science and yet this country needs it... understandable but at a high level." 

    At the "tech sites," students produce lab kits for other high school science students at no cost.  It's a way to get the latest in science and technology to students who otherwise would not have access.