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Bride Receives Justice After 14 Years



    Bride Receives Justice After 14 Years

    Kimberly Kunie remembers her fiancé, David Kessler, as being gentle enough to “rescue butterflies from a drowning rainstorm.”

    Kessler, a former UCSD professor, was shot to death in November 1995 outside his University City home after he found a group of men burglarizing his car at 2 a.m.

    “I heard David cry out my name in what was the most desperate, agonizing sound I have ever heard a human make up until that point,” Kunie said.

    For 14 years, the case went unsolved, until last year when new fingerprint technology helped police find several suspects.

    Justice for Bride 14 Years Later

    [DGO] Justice for Bride 14 Years Later
    More than 14-years after a UCSD professor was gunned down in cold blood, two men were convicted today for their involvement in the crime. The cold case was solved last year with the help of new fingerprint technology.
    (Published Saturday, March 27, 2010)

    On Friday, the court brought the five men involved in the crime to justice, including the gunman, Alvin Timbol, who was 19-years old at the time. Timbol, now 33, was sentenced to 25-years to life.

    “I have lived with remorse from that night to today and for the rest of my life,” Timbol said.

    A passenger in the getaway car, 30-year old, Alvin Figuracion was only 16-years old at the time and given probation.

    “Friends, family and loved ones of Mr. David Kessler, I’m sorry so much. He should be here with you,” Figuracion said.

    It took Kunie 13-years to decide what to do with her wedding gown and invitations, but eventually, with the help of friends, she made a difficult decision.

    “Together, we burned the dress and invitations in a bon fire, and we all cried, all these years later because we still mourn the loss of Dave and every positive thing he brought to our lives,” Kunie said.