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Boy Scouts en Espanol

Scouts reach out to U.S. Latino community



    Boy Scouts en Espanol
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    The new motto: Sea preparado

    Boy Scouts of America is making its debut en espanol, with an advertising campaign and a soon-to-come Spanish-language Scout Handbook.

    Scout leaders hope the Spanish-language outreach will draw Latinos to the ranks of the nearly century-old organization.

    The campaign includes television, radio and online spots that speak to the nation's largest minority. Leaders said their goal is to keep the Scouting movement relevant as the country's cultural and ethnic landscape shifts.

    Latinos make up one in five children in the United States, according to the U.S. Census, but they are only 3 percent of Scouts. Bob Mazzuca, Chief Scout Executive, said the organization hopes to double its Latino Hispanic membership by its centennial in 2010.

    The Scouts are still the leading youth organization in America, but their numbers are down to half of what they were in 1972, when they had 5.6 million.