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Booby Trap Suspect Says Police Framing Him



    Booby Trap Suspect Says Police Framing Him
    The city to take steps to protect police after a series of booby trap attacks.

    A man charged with attacks on Hemet police said in a jailhouse interview that he's being framed by a corrupt police department and he denies having anything to do with booby traps targeting a detective.

          Nicholas John Smit is charged with nine felonies, including conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder on a police officer. Smit and co-defendant Steven Hansen pleaded not guilty last week.
    Smit told the Riverside Press-Enterprise in a jailhouse interview Friday that he's being set up by Hemet police, saying, "Cops are gods -- they choose who they want to go down."
    Police and district attorney raids led to arrests of Vagos Motorcycle Club members and white supremacists before the investigation focused on Smit and Hansen.

    A series of incidents involving the Hemet police began in December when a gas line on the roof of the Gang Task Force building was directed into the building. In February, a device described as a "home-made zip-gun" was discovered as a task force officer opened a gate at the building.

    In March, an explosive device was attached to an unmarked patrol car. Later than month, four city code enforcement trucks were torched in the Hemet City Hall parking lot.

    In April, a fire damaged a mobile home used for police training. In June, police said they believed a rocket found on the roof of a nearby business that started a fire was a rocket that they believed had been fired at the Hemet police station.