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Body Found at Mission Trails Park



    Body Found at Mission Trails Park

    San Diego police are investigating a body found at Mission Trails Park on Wednesday morning.
    Officers were called to the Mission Trails Visitors Center shortly after 8 a.m.

    Investigators say a 30 to 35-year-old white male wearing jogging clothes was discovered by a passing runner. The jogger spotted the body which was lying about 9 to 10-feet below the trail, investigators said.

    The medical examiner believes the man was down in the ravine at least overnight, maybe even a few days.

    Investigators say they aren't sure why the man left the trail.

    A medical examiner on the scene found small puncture holes on the body that may have been from a snake bite, but said they won't know the exact cause of death until they perform an autopsy.

    The man did not have any identification. Officers say no one has contacted police with a missing persons report matching the description of the man who was found.

    Investigators plan to search the parking lot for an abandoned vehicle that may belong to the John Doe.

    Police say they do not suspect foul play.