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Blackwater Joins Fight Against Pirates

The decision is making waves on the high seas



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    Blackwater Worldwide is joining the fight against Somali pirates.

    A controversial San Diego based security firm is joining the fight against Somali pirates.

    The U.S. Navy, including San Diego based Navy destroyer USS Howard, is part of the coalition already patrolling off the coast of Somalia.

    The Navy says the coalition cannot effectively patrol the 2-point-5 million square miles of dangerous waters and welcomes help from San Diego based Blackwater Worldwide and Mississippi-based Hollowpoint.

    NATO, with a flotilla of warships due to arrive soon in Somali waters, is trying to work out legal and regulatory issues surrounding the use of armed contractors before adopting a position on private security companies.

    Critics are concerned that armed guards may increase the danger to ships' crews or that overzealous contractors might accidentally fire on fishermen.

    Blackwater Worldwide is being investigated for its role in the deadly shooting of 17 Iraqi civilians in 2007.