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Bite Victim Doesn't Blame Pitbull



    Bite Victim Doesn't Blame Pitbull
    Sarah Villa spoke about the attack and her injuries on Monday afternoon.

    Sarah Villa sat with her mother on the porch of their City Heights home recounting what happened when she was attacked by a pit bull at her friend’s home. 

    She’s got white bandages on two fingers, her thumb, her upper arm and her cheek. She’s also holding a stuffed cow given to her by the medical staff that put her under and stitched up her wounds.

    “I feel a little bit better but I can’t even open my mouth up. It still hurts, my chin part, “ Villa said.

    The 6-year-old girl was bitten during the attack Sunday in the 4800 block of Auburn Drive near Euclid Avenue.

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    Animal control officers said Villa had thrown candy at the dog before the attack but the child told NBC 7 San Diego that wasn’t the case.

    “She got loose from the chain, went through the gate and started biting me on the cheek and the arm,” she said.

    It was after the dog bit her in the cheek, that Villa said she threw candy in an attempt to stop the attack.

    Sarah’s mother, Natasha Villa, said she was told by the neighbor that the dog had just spooked the girl and that her injuries were from running into a wall. Once she took a look at the wounds,
    however, she knew they were from a dog.

    The dog was taken to be quarantined at the San Diego County Animal Services, officials said.

    Even though she had to be put under to get several stitches on her face, the little girl said she doesn’t blame the dog.

    “It wasn’t really the dog’s fault. How the neighbor treats the dog, it has to act like that. So it wasn’t really the dog’s fault.”

    Natasha Villa favors having the dog euthanized to avoid a similar attack in the future.

    “I don’t want another child or another family to go through what I did,” she said.