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Best of Earthquake Clips



    A quick look at some of the clips uploaded by San Diegans during and right after April's strong earthquake.

    First up --- a Skype call between father and son goes crazy when dad starts screaming obscenities as the quake grew stronger.

    Warning Foul Language.

    One of our favorites is the woman recording a music video when she feels something strange.

    You didn’t need to be inside to feel the quake as obvious at this Lao Festival.
    Warning: Foul Language

    Two guys sitting in their living room on a calm Easter Sunday bolt for the door.

    One San Diegan goes on camera immediately after the shaking begins.

    When the earthquake struck in this apartment, the focus was on the gin bottle.
    Warning: Foul Language.


    This family in El Centro examines the damage while their pool continued to rock back and forth from the quake.