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Fallbrook Residents Angry Over Rapist's Release



    Community Angered by Rapist's Release

    People who live in the De Luz area of Fallbrook are trying to find out how a convicted rapist ended up as their neighbor, without them being notified. NBC 7's Danya Bacchus reports. (Published Thursday, June 12, 2014)

    Fallbrook residents are angry to learn a convicted serial rapist moved into their community without any public notice.

    Barrett Littleton served time in prison for attacks on seven women beginning in 1986. He’s now living on Daily Road right down the road from TJ and Gabrielle Lynas.

    The couple says their family was not notified by the San Diego County Sheriff's Department that Littleton would be living there.

    “I'm paying you to protect my family and again there is zero accountability,” TJ Lynas told NBC 7.

    So the couple did some homework and read past news articles on Littleton's conviction and charges.

    “If the judge had an opinion that this guy should never see the light of day then why is he seeing the light of day in my backyard,” Gabrielle said.

    The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said Littleton did notify sheriff's deputies of his release and current address when he reported it to them on May 5 at the Fallbrook station.

    “It is the responsibility of the local law enforcement to then send the information to the California Attorney General's office,” CDCR spokesperson Luis Patino said, explaining the process for updating the state’s sex offender registry.

    However, Lt. Jeff Duckworth, Sheriff’s Department’s Sexual Offender Management Unit told NBC 7 that no one in his office personally knew about Littleton. He admitted though that it appears Littleton did follow the proper notification procedure.

    Notification to the public about sexual offenders is done on a case by case basis based on the threat to the community, Duckworth said.

    TJ Lynas said he's called the governor's office and is planning a community meeting at his home to try and find a way they can remove Littleton from the neighborhood.

    Gabrielle Lynas warns others to go to the Megan's Law website. “You should be checking on a regular basis because your authorities may not be warning you,” she said.