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Customer Cuffed in Bank Robbery Attempt



    San Diego Police arrested a 45 year old man minutes after he closed his account at a Wells Fargo Bank in Nestor. Bank employees say the man demanded money and threatened to have a bomb. (Published Friday, Aug. 20, 2010)

    In a strange twist to the now all-too-famliiar bank robbery story here in San Diego, a bank customer was arrested Thursday, accused of threatening to blow up his bank if he didn't get more money than what he had in his account.

    San Diego Police arrested 45-year old Fuller Jones outside the Wells Fargo Bank in Nestor.

    Jones walked into the bank around 5 p.m. Thursday and closed out his account.

    "He told the manager in a rambling statement that he was robbing her, that there were two gunmen at the door, that he was on a ten minute clock and he demanded money,"said San Diego police Lt. Dan Christman.

    Jones then showed the manager a fanny pack, and claimed to have an explosive device inside of it, police said. 

    The manager got some cash, put it in a bank bag, and gave it to Jones according to investigators.

    Jones took the bag and walked away from the bank branch in the 600 block of Saturn Boulevard.

    "Prior to the [suspect] exiting, one of the other employees was tipped off to the robbery and pushed the alarm,"Lt. Christman said.

    It was just enough time for officers to get to the bank before Jones got to his truck. He was quickly arrested.

    But investigators say he left the fanny pack on a bank counter, and they didn't know if anyone else was working with him.

    So everyone inside the bank had to come out with their hands up.

    Investigators later determined that the fanny pack was harmless, and no one else was involved.

    Inside Jones' truck, they found a crucifix in the windshield and a Bible on the dashboard as well as clothing with Coca-Cola emblems.