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Baby Scratcher Gets 2 Years

Despite probation violation, woman does not recieve additional time.



    Baby Scratcher Gets 2 Years
    Lisa Hench was sentenced to two years Friday for child abuse.

    A La Jolla woman convicted of child abuse was sent to jail for two years for scratching babies, a judge said Friday.

    45-year-old Lisa Hench appealed a recent sentence and was released from jail on probation. Yet when Hench violated her probation, the judge revoked the probation and sent her to jail.

    A prosecutor also asked the judge for a longer sentencing because the woman violated her probation, but the judge denied the request.

    In January, Hench apologized in court for abusing babies by secretly scratching them while their parents weren't looking. The former realtor was previously sent back to jail for violating the terms of her probation.

    Baby Scratcher Sent Back to Jail

    [DGO] Baby Scratcher Sent Back to Jail
    A former La Jolla real estate agent who was granted parole after being jailed on child abuse charges for scratching babies, is now back in jail and has lost custody of her three kids.
    (Published Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011)

    Despite that violation, the judge did not add additional time to her sentence Friday.

    “She was 7-months old," said Lainie Carswell of her daughter, a victim of the abuse. "That’s disgusting to me. I can’t imagine anybody ever having any reason or any psychological problem that would want to do that to an innocent little baby that they were just holding.”

    Another mother of a victim, Kelly Frederick, said she was "incredibly angry" at Friday's sentencing.

    “I did not see what I thought was true remorse or repentance on Lisa Hench’s face or in her demeanor or her affect," Frederick said. "It is very disconcerting to me.”

    Frederick said Hench scratched son Charlie's ears until they were bleeding almost two years ago.