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BBB Gives 3,000 San Diego Businesses an 'F'



    BBB Gives 3,000 San Diego Businesses an 'F'
    Kate Lord

    The San Diego Better Business Bureau is handing out grades.

    People looking up a business on the BBB website often find information on the company, everything from addresses and phone numbers to ownership and history, but the BBB also gives out letter grades.

    About 3,000 businesses in San Diego County currently have F grades, officials said on Thursday.

    According to BBB president Sheryl Bilbrey, the grades reflect the bureau's lack of confidence in the business.

    "We don't have the teeth where we can hold a business accountable, but by the same token, we don't have to wait for due process in order for me to tell you a business is bad," Bilbrey said. "When consumers are telling us it's bad, we can tell you it's bad."

    The grades range from A+ to F, depending on the number of complaints and the company's willingness to resolve the problem.