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Attorney Slashed by Client Wants to Continue Representing Client



     An attorney has been removed from his case after his client slashed him with a razor during court. 

    Defense attorney Bill Burgener told reporters that he wanted to continue representing Eduardo Macias even after the defendant cut his face with a razor on Wednesday. 

    The attack took place at 10:20 p.m. in Dept. 25 in San Diego Superior Court downtown while a prosecution rebuttal witness was on the stand.

    The attack took place in front of the jury as well as members of the public including visiting students from Grossmont High School who were at court to observe the legal process from the gallery.

    The judge made the decision Friday due to a conflict of interest. Macias is one of three defendants on trial in an alleged prison assault.

    Burgener, who has been a criminal lawyer for 33 years says this kind of incident doesn't happen often.

    "I felt I was in the best position to present his case to the jury if the jury was not biased and prejudiced by his actions," he said.

    When asked about his condition, he said he was fine, but he wore a bandage on his face. 

    He asked the public to focus on the trial that must go on, and wants to remind people that there are still two co-defendants who deserve a fair trial.

    The jurors are now being questioned to see if any of them feel they need to be removed from hearing the case.

    The sheriff's department said it requires all inmates to be searched and passed through a metal detector before leaving the facility for court. Deputies also check inmates when they arrive at court.