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'Atta Boy' For 2 New Search Dogs



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    It was a big milestone for two dogs with a local urban search and rescue team. They passed a national test earlier this month.

    Their talents were shown off Wednesday by the California Task Force 8 Urban Search and Rescue team.

    The dog's primary job is to find victims of structural collapses. The dogs are the first tool used to locate those victims.

    "You would think that with all our modern technology that we would be able to do better than the canines can do," said Javier Mainar, Chief of the San diego Fire Rescue Department. "But there really is no tool that can do it more quickly or more accurately than can a well-trained dog and the handler teams."

    The teams are brought in for collapses from natural disasters, terrorist attacks and accidental collapses. They were used after 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombings, Hurricane Katrina and the Northridge earthquake.