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Dozens of Flights Canceled or Delayed

Dense fog complicates flights in and out of Lindbergh Field



    At least 20 more flights were delayed or canceled at Lindbergh Field Tuesday morning after 30 flights were delayed or canceled Monday night.

    The National Weather Service issued a dense fog advisory on Monday. A Lindbergh Field Operator confirmed that fog was the reason for the delays. Visibility was at a quarter of a mile or less in some parts Monday night.

    On Tuesday morning, Southwest said they had no planes on the tarmac because last night's fog was so bad that they had to cancel flights arriving in San Diego.

    This created a bottleneck effect and many people this morning are dealing with the aftermath.

    "It was supposed to leave at 6.50 but its canceled, I got a flight until 2.20 and I'm just going to try to be standby until then but it’s not for sure, so I'm just going to go back and come here, I'm not sure what I'm going to do," said passenger Andres Censarmin.

    For a list of cancelations at Lindbergh Field, click here.