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Cops Arrest Victim's Girlfriend in Riverbed Homicide

The unidentified victim suffered a stab wound to the chest, police said



    Cops Arrest Victim's Girlfriend in Riverbed Homicide
    NBC 7

    San Diego police have arrested the girlfriend of a man found dead along the San Diego riverbed.

    Jayne Colantonio, 47, of San Diego was arrested hours after her boyfriend's body was discovered, officials said.

    Investigators said a fisherman called 911 just before 6 p.m. when he discovered a body in the San Diego River. The location was just south of Friars Road, east of Interstate 15 and west of Riverdale Street.

    The man told police he thought the person had drowned.

    After closer examination, firefighters determined the area was a crime scene and called San Diego police investigators.

    Lt. Manuel Del Toro, acting lieutenant for the SDPD's homicide unit, said the victim discovered in the riverbed had suffered an apparent stab wound to the chest.

    A witness told NBC 7 San Diego that a woman approached him and asked to use his phone. She then called police to report that her boyfriend was dead in the river.

    The witness also said he recognized the woman, as she lives in a tent near the river. The woman was contacted by investigators at the scene.

    The investigation into the man's death is ongoing.

    The victim has not yet been identified. That information, as well as his cause of death, will come later from the San Diego County Medical Examiner.

    A second person of interest who was handcuffed at the scene was booked into jail for an unrelated charge, police said.