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App Provides Free At-Home Flu Shots



    App Provides Free At-Home Flu Shots
    Social media tolls like cell phones and new online apps are helping doctors connect with patients.

    Those who haven’t gotten around to getting flu shots now have a simple way to be vaccinated.

    An app called Pager lets users request an at-home visit from a health care worker to administer the flu shot free of charge.

    The app is provided through a partnership with Envision Healthcare and is offering 5,000 complimentary vaccinations this week.

    San Diego is among the six U.S. cities, including New York, San Francisco, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale and Dallas, where Pager is launching the flu shot option first, the San Diego Union-Tribune has reported.

    Since 2014, Pager has provided users in New York and San Francisco with urgent care at a push of a button. While that same feature has not been rolled out in San Diego, the app could expand here next year, according to the Union Tribune.

    The free flu shots are available until Friday. You need to download the app, sign up for the free account, confirm your location and then click the ‘flu shot’ button.

    Once your request is made, a clinician will call to confirm the at-home appointment.