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Thousands Turn Out for "Anchorman 2" Casting Call in San Diego

The sequel will film in San Diego this month



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    An open casting call for “Anchorman 2” in San Diego on Saturday turned out to be kind of a big deal.

    Thousands of locals showed up to the open call, held from noon to 4 p.m. at the Doubletree San Diego Mission Valley, for their chance to work as an extra or background actor in the sequel to the 2004 comedy hit starring Will Ferrell.

    The movie, about Ron Burgundy -- a local news anchor with an affinity for polyester suits and scotch -- will continue filming in San Diego this month, according to Central Casting.

    “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” has already filmed a few scenes in Atlanta. Original “Anchorman” actors Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and Christina Applegate will all return for the sequel.

    Earlier this week, rapper Kanye West reportedly joined the "Anchorman 2" cast for a cameo in the flick, filming a fight sequence with Ferrell in which West wore a wig and used a hockey stick as a weapon in the onscreen rumble.

    Actors Kristen Wiig and Harrison Ford have also joined the star-studded cast.

    San Diegans Claudia Zoumaras and Christian Cadanas showed up to the open casting call around 9:30 a.m. with their hearts set on landing a background role in the movie.

    “It’s just on my bucket list. It’s something to do that’s fun. My son is an actor, and I’ve just always wanted to be in a movie,” Zoumaras told NBC 7.

    “I love the movie ‘Anchorman.’ I’m a big Will Ferrell fan. It’s a great opportunity to come out here in this beautiful city. I’m grateful to be here,” Cadanas added.

    Both said they were having fun meeting fellow aspiring extras while waiting in line.

    “Anchorman” fan Rachel Taylor told NBC 7 she was ready for whatever the casting call might bring.

    Taylor said she had brought along her resume and headshot, and was prepared to sing or recite a monologue if casting directors called for it.

    Local Erica Swick hoped to impress casting directors with a special, fiery talent.

    Swick, who practices fire poi dancing, told NBC 7 one of the questions on the “Anchorman 2” casting call sheet asked whether actors performed any type of fire breathing or fire acts.

    Swick said she was hoping to gain an edge over the competition by showing off her fire performance skills alongside her boyfriend, an aspiring actor who also practices fire poi.

    As San Diegans came out in droves to audition for the movie, casting directors were thrilled with the turnout.

    Judy Bouley, director of marketing for Central Casting, told NBC 7 that people began lining up for the noon casting call at 6 a.m.

    Bouley said the massive crowd proved San Diego’s devotion to the “Anchorman” franchise.

    “San Diego must love ‘Anchorman’ because we were already completely overrun by 6 a.m. We’ve already seen about 1,500 people out here,” said Bouley.

    At this point, Bouley says the best way for aspiring actors to try out for the movie is by sending their information to Central Casting via email at

    This particular casting call is only open to San Diego residents.

    You stay classy, San Diego.