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Entire School Could Get Pink Slips

Only one teacher at Fay Elementary will not get a layoff notice



    Entire School Could Get Pink Slips
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    BERKELEY, CA - MARCH 13: A young boy holds a sign in support of teachers during a Pink Friday protest March 13, 2009 at the Berkeley Unified School District building in Berkeley, California. Teachers, students and parents were protesting billions of dollars in proposed budget cuts to education that threaten more than 26,500 across the state with pink slips. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    The same City Heights school that nearly lost all of its teachers three years ago, is facing the same threat again.

    Of the 27 teachers at Fay Elementary, only one will not be getting a pink slip.

    That means 25 regular teachers and one temporary teacher may lose their jobs.

    The slips are just warnings, for now. 

    Most of the recipients are the exact same teachers who faced the same fate the last time.

    The cuts are part of a plan by the San Diego Unified School District to close an estimated $120 million budget gap.