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Amber's Mom Offers Child-Safety Classes



    Amber's Mom Offers Child-Safety Classes

    The mother of murdered teen Amber Dubois wants parents to go back to school for the sake of child safety.

    Next Thursday, missing children experts are coming from Florida to teach classes that could help prevent child abduction or find children who have vanished.

    The experts are from a missing child advocacy group called "Global Child Rescue."

    "We came up with it because we were going to start a second search for Amber and we were going to have some training done so our volunteers could re-search the area and try to find her," Carrie Mcgonigle said.

    Sadly, that second search wouldn't be needed after Amber's remains were found in Pala. But Mcgonigle decided the classes should still go on. She also realized that it would be a good opportunity for parents to join in.

    "To get the community involved because they all came out for Amber and Chelsea, and I know a lot of them are interested in learning more in case it happens again," said Mcgonigle.

    The classes begin Thursday evening at 6 p.m. and run through the weekend.  For more information go to

    There is a $125 registration fee and only 60 spots available.

    Participants will learn search and rescue techniques, as well as information that could help prevent child abduction.