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Accused Drunk Driver Hits 5 Parked Cars

A witness says it was so loud, she thought she was dreaming



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    Several cars were severely damaged in the crash.

    An alleged drunk driver in Serra Mesa lost control of her car and plowed into several parked cars overnight, according to police.

    The woman allegedly crashed her truck into the cars just before 1:30 a.m. Wednesday in the 2600 block of Mission Village Drive. Five cars were severely damaged.

    “It looks like she hit the first car, she must have reared off or something after she hit the first car, after that it slid into mine and hit the back and knocked it out of control, then she went directly into the back of the other car and knocked up the back hood… and then she flipped and spun out of control and hit the other two cars,” said witness, Casey Schoun.

    Schoun says she called 911 and went to make sure the driver was okay.

    “I asked if she was okay and she was standing right next to me and she was drunk. I smelled the alcohol on her breath and she asked me if I had gum and that's when the cops came,” said Schoun.

    The woman was transported to a nearby hospital to be treated for minor injuries.