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Alert! Spring Breakers Beware in Mexico

State Department Issues Warning



    Alert! Spring Breakers Beware in Mexico
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    The U.S. State Department is warning American tourists about traveling to Mexico.

    The alert comes on the heels of the murder of two American consulate workers in the state of Juarez.

    The F.B.I is assisting the Mexican attorney general in the investigation.

    At least one Bay Area campus is not forwarding that warning to its students.

    The administration at San Jose State University says it will not issue an alert about travel to Mexico for spring breakers.

    But some of students are well aware.

    "Usually for spring break we go with our church to Mexico to help them," said freshman Amanda Nour. "But this year, we're not even doing that because of a lot of things going on that it won't be good to help out people there."

    All of the 20 or so students we spoke with also said they won't make Mexico part of their spring break plans.

    The violence is one reason.

    But the economy is another.

    "I'm going to be working a lot because these are hard times right now," said senior Marika Minehart. "

    "Don't' worry about that," said the Mexican Consul General in San Jose, referring to the alert. "Tourist places are very safe in Mexico... The principle problems are in the cross border because drug cartels mostly fight in the cross border." 

    Consul David Figueroa knows all about the drug wars.

    The cartels put a target on his back, while he was fighting them as a congressman in Mexico.

    Figueroa survived two assassination attempts, before assuming his diplomatic role in San Jose   

    The State Department named six border cities in the alert, including Tijuana, south of San Diego.