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Airlines Increase Fees for 'Good Seats'

Passengers will have to pay extra to get an aisle or window seat



    Airlines Increase Fees for 'Good Seats'
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    Passengers may soon pay $25 or more to sit next to their families on airline flights because of a new seating fee.

    Customers on a some U.S. airlines, including American Airlines and United, will have to pay to reserve a window or aisle seat.

    Multiple airlines said they are targeting travelers with frequent flier miles to make their traveling more enjoyable. They said those frequent travelers want to avoid getting stuck in the middle seat.   

    Some people said that they don't mind paying extra for a better seat.

    San Diego resident Tamara Marchbank said she would fork over the extra cash for comfort.

    "I would definitely pay extra to sit where I wanted to on a plane," she said. "I always end up getting the other crappy passengers.... I'll pay an extra $50 to have another seat next to me open and free to have nobody there actually."

    Other people think it's unfair because it splits up families – unless they pay extra.

    "It's ridiculous. I have kids so I'm paying for a lot of luggage," said Salt Lake City resident, Dominique Meier. "On top of that, they want me to pay to sit with my family, so I just wouldn't pay it, I'd rather drive than fly."

    Airlines expect to raise their revenue with the new seating fee that will take effect this summer when passengers can reserve that window or aisle seat for $25 or more per person – each way.

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