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Air Show Losses to be Felt by Families



    The Miramar Air Show is typically the largest community event and fundraiser for MCAS Miramar. NBC 7's military reporter Lea Sutton explains how the show's cancellation due to the government shutdown could now be felt by military families. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013)

    MCAS Miramar is starting to see the real impact of the Miramar Air show cancellation in dollars and cents.

    They will taking a huge financial hit, partly because the show was canceled at the last second when it was too late to cancel contracts with vendors and civilian acts. The Department of Defense canceled all community outreach activities when the government shutdown happened.

    The base said early numbers show they’ll lose up to $700,000 they spent on contracts, but Marine families will be losing out too. The air show is Miramar's largest community outreach event and biggest fundraiser each year. Profits from the show usually go towards Marine Corps Community Services, which provides programs for military families. According to the Union Tribune, that number was more than $1.5 million last year. The services include things like child care for working parents, employment assistance, behavioral health initiatives and fitness and youth centers.

    “It’s sad that you can’t depend on things like that to be open and running. I don’t understand why it would be canceled when it’s something they’ve done for so many years past and they’ve had great turnouts and they put it right back into the program," Navy wife Michelle Reed said.

    How Will Air Show Cancelation Impact Locals, Vendors, Sponsors?

    [DGO] How Will Air Show Cancelation Impact Locals, Vendors, Sponsors?
    Now that the 2013 Miramar Air Show has been canceled due to the government shutdown, how will the cancelation of the show impact locals, vendors and sponsors? What kind of impact will this have on San Diego’s economy? NBC 7’s Brandi Powell reports.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013)

    Budget cuts forced this year's event to be majorly downsized, but Miramar went forward for the community, hoping just to break even financially.

    We have requested twice to speak directly with Marine Corps Community Services, but Miramar public affairs told NBC 7 that they are not available.

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