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After School Clubs Provide Safe Place For Students To Flourish

Orange Glen High School is a model for after school programs nationwide.



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    Teenagers who do not participate in after-school activities are three times more likely to skip class than teenagers who do, according to the YMCA. They're also three times more likely to use drugs and alcohol, to smoke and to engage in sexual activities.

    This week, schools around the country are celebrating those after school programs where the lights are on and the doors are open every day after school.

    In San Diego County, the school being featured for its successful after school programs is Orange Glen High in Escondido.  There is an auto class that has a club after school, the homework club and the culinary club. Students can take part in 36 after-school programs and clubs offered six days a week, before and after school.

    All after school programs are paid for with a federal grant, which at this school is $250,000 a year for five years. The school is in its third year and has served thousands of students.

    Countywide, it is a $6 million grant, for 12 districts and two charter schools.

    Money well spent according to Orange Glen students, who say the after school programs provide a safe place for them to go, bond with each other and their teachers.