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A Dog Who Can Sniff Out Bedbugs

A local firestation employed "Colt" to sniff out their bedbugs.



    A Dog Who Can Sniff Out Bedbugs
    The main branch of the Huntington library was closed Friday after a routine inspection resulted in the identification of bedbugs in the facility, said the library's website.

    One local firestation has turned to a unique method to fight its bedbug infestation problem.  

    They called in 'Colt',  the bedbug sniffing dog to find any remaining critters in the building.  Firefighters first noticed the bloodsuckers last October and quickly jumped on the problem. 

    The common misconception is that bedbugs are mostly found in low income neighborhoods. But according to exterminator Rob Cartwright, that is not the case.

    "The bug doesnt look at your wallet and say I am not going to get in your house, " said Cartwright. "It is a transient pest. It will latch onto you. It will go into anybodys house. It is hungry and it wants to feed." 

    K-9 Pest Detective's border collie shepard mix sniffed the entire firehouse. When he smelled bedbugs, he sat down and pest control crews searched the surrounding area.

    Colt's sensitive nose was a success. Crews found bedbugs after his search, but luckily all of them were dead.