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A Breath of Life for Dogs and Cats

Fire department receives donation of oxygen masks for pets



    A Breath of Life for Dogs and Cats
    San Diego fire fighters are now equipped with oxygen masks for pets

    Dogs and cats saved by the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department can take a sigh of relief when their little lungs are in danger. All San Diego fire stations are now equipped with tiny oxygen masks.

    The San Diego Fire-Rescue Foundation donated 10 oxygen mask kits to the departments for the use of first responders. The masks come in three sizes.

    Typically, animals are prone to asphyxiation in fires if they are not immediately sent to a veterinarian. Thousands of family pets die each year in fires, according to a release from the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department. 

    “These masks are designed to fit over the muzzle of a cat or dog, making treatment more effective,” said San Diego Fire Captain Mike Merriken. “Just last week we used one of these masks to save a dog caught in a house fire.”

    The fire department will demonstrate the masks on Merriken’s dog, Hollie, Friday at Fire Station 28 on Kearny Villa Rd.